James Madison University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Henley Scholarship

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Criteria for Application/Nomination

A. The Award

  1. The Henley family established The Henley Scholarship, an endowed scholarship, in 1983 in memory of their mother, Gloria Jane Hollowell Henley. Mrs. Henley was a juvenile diabetic who had several amputations, was on a kidney machine and died of heart failure. She was very fond of music and a music scholarship was established in their church. A scholarship was also established at another college for a handicapped student. Mrs. Henley's son, a student at JMU, recalled his mother's love for the nurses who cared for her and suggested to his father that a scholarship in her memory be established for a nursing student at JMU. Mr. Henley established the scholarship in honor of his wife and because of her love for children and education.
  2. This need-based scholarship is given annually to a junior or rising senior nursing student. It is awarded through applications or nominations submitted to the Nursing Academic Unit Head.

B. Procedure for Nomination

  1. Complete the nomination form indicating your choice for the award, and return to School Secretary in the school office no later than March 1.
  2. Substantiate your nomination/application concisely and specifically. Responses are evaluated according to quality of written presentation, and the breadth and adequacy of documentation of need.

C. Criteria for the Award

  1. Junior or Senior Nursing Student experiencing financial need but who may or may not have official financial need as determined by the financial aid office.
  2. Satisfactory academic performance.
  3. Interest and commitment to serving persons with handicaps or who have special needs.