James Madison University

Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Student Learning Outcomes

JMU has developed the following Student Learning Outcomes for DNP students, grounded in the AACN Essentials.

Graduates of the DNP program will:

  1. Effectively develop and communicate professional role with clients and colleagues
  2. Demonstrate cultural competence in the ethical delivery of care to vulnerable populations
  3. Utilize knowledge from sciences, humanities, and nursing to promote health, prevent disease, and provide quality health care to individuals, families, groups, and communities
  4. Contribute to nursing knowledge through the scholarship of integration, application, and teaching
  5. Analyze economic, policy, environmental, and social forces to impact health care delivery and quality of care
  6. Synthesize assessment data to diagnose and manage patient health and illness needs
  7. Effectively serve as client partner and advocate within the health care delivery system to meet client needs
  8. Engage in evidence-based advanced practice to improve health outcomes of diverse populations
  9. Evaluate and influence nursing and health care through organizational and systems leadership
  10. Translate research knowledge into practice innovation using analytic methods and clinical scholarship