James Madison University

JMU Nursing Students Shine at State Convention

James Madison University nursing students did great things at the state convention this past January in Virginia Beach. 

Two of the nursing students will be representing JMU by serving on the state board.  Ashely Bell, a Junior Level 2 student, will be the editor of the state newsletter, the Torch.  Emily Fritter,  a Junior Level 1 student, will be the new state Treasurer!

The JMU Nursing Student Association won the following awards: 

  • The MAC Book Award.  This is a book demonstrating how active the chapter has been.  The cutoff for winning the award is 200 points and the JMU chapter had the most, with over 300 points!
  • The Community Service Award.  The students won this for all of their hard work surrounding Stroke Prevention.  They held a 5K race raising money for RMH’s Stroke patients and did many educational events this year on Stroke Prevention.
  • The JMU NSA Chapter won  second place on the Scrapbook Award.  This book is a visual demonstration of the work that they do.

Finally, three of the JMU nursing students won ALL three writing awards in the Torch newsletter.  Sally Eggman won first place.  Kristen Davis won second place.  Kajsa Guersey won third place.