BSN Program

BSN Estimated Program Costs

The Financial Aid Office considers expenses on this list in determining financial need and eligibility levels for nursing students. This is the list of estimated expenses to assist the student in submitting financial aid applications.

Effective August 2, 2015 students taking courses with a NSG prefix will be charged differential tuition. Differential tuition is an additional tuition charge per credit hour that is typically present in programs that are more costly for universities to offer. Differential tuition costs will be an additional $90/credit hour.

Please note that students often can car-pool for clinical activities, however they still often need their own transportation. Some copying expenses are optional, as syllabi and many resources are made available electronically to students. However, the following expenses are reasonable anticipated costs.

A breakdown of costs associated with the BSN program
Requirement Junior Senior
Transportation to clinical (gas, parking) $500 $500
Textbooks $1100 $400
Apps $10 $10
CPR Certification $70 $30
School Nursing Pin N/A $40
Estimated total per year: $1680 $980