BSN Program

JMU Baccalaureate Program NCLEX Pass Rates

Nursing NCLEX pass rate
Year Number of Test Takers with Passing Scores Total Number of Test Takers Percentage of Passing Scores
2022* 140 155 90.32%
2021 168 179 93.9%
2020 172 175 98.29%
2019 162 168 96%
2018 174 179 97.21%
2017 162 171 94.7%
2016 141 167 84.4%

* through June 30, 2022

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Preparing for the NCLEX

Detailed information about preparing for and taking the NCLEX is available in the student handbook.

NCLEX Regulations

The BSN program is regulated by the Virginia Board of Nursing to operate as a nurse education program. The BSN program prepares students to take the NCLEX, a national licensure exam for Registered Nurses. Licensure qualifications vary by state. Students are encouraged to explore and identify the qualifications required for their respective state by visiting:

The BSN program prepares students for the NCLEX, a national licensure exam for Registered Nurses. Citizenship requirements vary by state. Students should explore and identify these requirements prior to applying to the program. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires RN applicants to be citizens of the United States of America. Use the link for all State Boards of Nursing to determine citizenship requirements for the state in which the student will ultimately license:

Regulatory Requirements and State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements