RN to BSN Completion

RN-BSN Requirements

Pre-requisite (with the exception of nursing courses), co-requisite and general education courses are waived for students who have a previous bachelor’s degree.

Prospective applicants must be licensed RN’s who have completed an associate degree or diploma nursing program. Employment is not necessary to begin the program, but applicants must have worked a minimum of 540 practice hours by graduation to obtain the 37 experiential learning credits that are applied toward their BSN.

In order to apply to the RN-BSN program applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Associate Degree or Diploma in Nursing from a community college or diploma nursing school.
  • Transcripts reflecting a cumulative GPA on all college work attempted of 2.5 or better on a 4-point scale with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in Nursing (if applicable). Transcripts below 2.5 will be reviewed on an individual case-by-case basis.
  • TOEFL minimum score of 81 (internet-based test) or IELTS minimum score of 6.5 for international applicants.
  • Current unrestricted RN license in any state, Washington D.C., or a U.S possession or territory.
  • Graduates of foreign nursing schools who are licensed outside of the United States are required to pass the Qualifying Exam of the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).
  • Employment as a RN for a minimum of six months or plans to practice concurrently with coursework.
  • Ability to meet the school's Technical Standards for nursing practice
  • Have completed all RN-BSN Pre-requisite Course Requirements (see below.)

Pre-requisite courses must be completed at any institution (not including JMU) prior to entry as a degree-seeking student. Courses can be checked for transferability through the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Co-requisite courses and general education courses must be completed at any institution (including at JMU) prior to graduation with a BSN. Courses not taken at JMU can be checked for transferability through the Transfer Equivalency Guide.

Transfer Credit Approval: Once admitted to JMU, students wishing to take co-requisite and general education courses at schools other than JMU must complete the INTENT TO TRANSFER CREDIT form prior to taking classes. This form can be found at https://jmu.questionpro.com/t/AUf1IZrTGs

A mandatory orientation is required for all students and takes place prior to the start of the semester. This orientation will be presented in a fully online format and includes online activities, videos, group meetings, and live synchronous presentations. It is associated with NSG 324 – Strategies for Success (1 cr.) and accounts for a portion of the grade in that course. Failure to attend orientation will delay the start of the program until the following semester.

View the Curriculum and Courses for the RN to BSN Program in the JMU Catalog

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What are Technical Standards?

Technical standards are basic physical, cognitive, and psychosocial skills and abilities that are required for nursing practice. The following standards were developed to guide students to make an informed decision regarding nursing as a career. In order to complete the nursing curriculum and enter practice as a registered professional nurse, all students must possess abilities and skills in the areas of sensation, communication, motor function and behavioral proficiency.
View the JMU School of Nursing Technical Standards policy

Minimum Standards for Information Literacy

All entering JMU students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of computer and internet literacy. Each student must demonstrate the competency by the successful completion of the NSG 324 Strategies for Success course and any online learning/technology assessments assigned in courses in the RN-BSN Program.
View minimum standards for information literacy.